while garden and indoor plant ownership is on the rise, many individuals feel overwhelmed by the amount of attention and knowledge that plant care requires


an app based service that allows plant owners to easily identify and track their plants’ needs and connects the user to a community of passionate plant owners



We worked to gather data through surveys and interviews from a large pool of plant owners to understand their habits and feelings about their current plant ownership experience.

responses from cultural probe, written surveys, and sensory cue kit

responses from cultural probe, written surveys, and sensory cue kit

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we conducted interviews with a diverse group of ten plant owners to get a more in depth look at their lives, opinions, and experiences


“Most people know stuff about planting, but I know plants down to their cellular level, which most enthusiasts can’t say”

William Woods (expert enthusiast)


“I think my basic concept of life is nurturing. I raised two children. I put together a household. I nurture. Plants give me the ultimate nurturing experience”

Robin Walker (lifelong plant owner)

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Data Affinitization

By recording the data gathered through personal interviews and surveys, we were able to concentrate on the main experiences and desires for plant owners and potential owners to create a design framework


Design Framework

The design Framework is used to concisely define what consumers desire in their ideal plant ownership experience based on what we found in our research.


My plants and healthy and I enjoy having them

my plants improve my mood

Having plants in my home or garden improves my mood by providing soothing and beautiful aesthetics and I find that the process of taking care of them helps me relieve stress.

my plants help me connect

By connecting with my plants, I feel more in touch with nature and like I’m doing my part to help the environment. My plants and their care process also helps me bond with others.

i understand my plants

I understand exactly what my plant requires to maintain its health and I am able to prevent pests from harming it.

my plants make me healthier

My plants improve the air quality in my home and I am able to grow and consume fresh produce and herbs.


Design Prototyping


to help users achieve the ideal plant experience defined by the framework, I aimed to create a platform that gives users a comprehensive way to identify, track, and learn about their plants as well as offering a space to connect with other plant owners


Final Concept Wireframe