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Lacoste Pop-Up Market

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An adaptable market kiosk and community seating for Lacoste, France



As a part of a SCAD sponsored collaborative project, we aimed to improve the overall quality of life for locals and students living in Lacoste, France


We designed a permanent pop-up market structure that remains useful and aesthetically pleasing during and outside of market times.


Lacoste lacks public seating and access to market goods. Current French markets heavily rely on temporary structures such as canopies and crates and require long set up and break down times as well as visual clutter.




Our first step to discovering opportunity spaces for Lacoste was to conduct interviews of locals, tourists, and members of the SCAD community

Lacoste is a beautiful village, but it is lifeless. No grocery store, one cafe, no bakery no common area for villagers to get together. When SCAD students are not there its heart stops beating.
— Local resident
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Once we defined the frustrations with current experience, we decided to focus on resolving issues within the social and accessibility realms, specifically the need for a designated communal seating and access to a local marketplace


Market Research

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In order to redesign the Lacoste market experience, we needed to understand the experience of the weekly markets

Umbrellas & Shade awnings + collapsible tables
Transport goods and structures in vans and trucks

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Geographically close to Lacoste in Provencal France but in a larger space, accommodating a larger demand

Umbrellas & Shade awnings + collapsible tables
Transport goods and structures in vans and trucks

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French markets at their largest scale, accommodate thousands of tourists 

Permanent, hard, collapsible, green box stalls along river, semi-permanent retractable shade awnings + folding tables for booths





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A mobil market booth system that allows vendor to prepack goods to decrease set up time

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A “pop-up” market that is roomy and practical when in market use, while being visually unobtrusive installations when not

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The final pop-up market design accomidates the needs of the vendors during market times by providing hidden storage, seating, and an adjustable display. Then the booth is able to turn into convinient shaded seating when the market is not in session.



We chose to use materials that are weather-safe, sturdy, affordable, and allow vendors to easily open and close the structure's awning


Final Design

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Me | research, ideation, rendering
Bailey Bertelsen | B.F.A. Industrial Design | research, CAD modeling
Kerrie Eberhart | B.F.A. Industrial Design | research, ideation